Mancos Valley - 1868

April 22nd, 1868

Huddison makes his way through the hills accompaning Ningun on the Comanche’s return to his people. Upon arrival they witness a white man suspended from a tree, still alive but unconscious. The interview with Chief Getido goes remarkably well. The Comanche are willing to allow passage of goods through the hills in return for a supply of rifles and a reliable source of ammunition. Huddison agrees to deliver the guns within two weeks. In addition Getido asks that the disgraced Ningun return to Janestown as he is no longer fit to live among the Comanche. When inquires are made about the suspended man, Getido replies that the man attemped to proselytize to the tribe and was punished accordingly. He refuses to surrender the man when asked.

Meanwhile, John Block vainly searches the town for his apprentice. A trip to Marshall Faucett’s saloon turns up some infomation if not Tommy Watkins. Faucett reveals that is was Charlie Huddersfield who purchased Ningun’s horse and promptly left town for Plainsville in order to ratify his good bargain. Failing to find the boy among the miners of Tent City, Block instead joins two prospecting brothers George Rebby and James Rebby at the The Istanbul. There, Block spends time in conversation with the proprietor of the gambling hall Colonel Frederick Pitkin. The Colonel is a skeptical soul and is dismissive of both the rumors of a Mexican presence in Dixon City and Block’s entreaties to join the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce. Pitkin believes Janestown will run the general course of the western boomtown and plans to move on once the gold claims play out.

Concerned for the welfare of the interant preacher, Huddison acquires a fine Colt Navy pistol and a horse. Now on horseback and familiar with the way, he makes a quick return to the Comanche camp. There he cleverly presents the pistol to Getido as a gift and again requests to take the preacher back to Janestown. Impressed with Hiddison’s gracious manner and skill in the wilderness, the chief releases his captive.

Preparations are made for the trip to Dixon City. A chastened and hungry Tommy Watkins returns to the Cold Iron blacksmith shop and is left to oversee the shop by a secretly relieved Block. George Mankins agrees to contribute some starter capital to the expedition despite his reservations about arming the indigious. And as if that wasn’t enough he also agrees to look after the recuperating Reverend George Littlefield until Block and Huddison return from Dixon City. The sullen Ningun demands to provided a horse for the journey to Dixon City in exchange for aid in finding a quicker way that bypasses Plainsville. Our heroes, pressed to meet Getido’s deadline, reluctantly agree.

After a three day trip involving one difficult river crossing, the party of Block, Huddison and Ningun arrive in Dixon City.



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