Mancos Valley - 1868

April 23th, 1868

Our story continues with John Block and William Lee Huddison arriving at Dixon City. Their first order of business was to visit the First Methodist Church of Dixon City. They make the acquaintance of Rev. John Dyer who in turn provides introductions to many members of the congregation. Huddison shares the fate of Reverend George Littlefield. Block asks the Reverend if First Methodist could provide extra Bibles and hymnals for believers in Janestown who are “hungry for the Word”. Dyer is more than happy to inquire among the parishioners including the land office clerk David Griffin and his family. During the visit, Huddison takes Mr. Griffin aside to deliver the letter he found addressed to Griffin on the fallen courier weeks before.

John Block finds a gunsmith to fill his order, Harry E Gryden. With some canny wagering, Block manages to bring the price of the rifles down but only by committing to help the gunsmith finish the order in time to meet Getido’s deadline. Block attempts to enlist Gryden as correspondent to inform him of politics in Dixon City but the gunsmith’s commitment is uncertain.

Back in Janestown, a crowd of prospectors walks down Gold St. Sean Malony sitting in the No 12, takes notice of Tent City emptying out. He promptly sneaks in among the tents in search of the deed to the claim of James Rebby and George Rebby that he believes is rightfully his. His attempt to enter the Rebby’s tent unobserved is unsuccessful, however. Willard Thompson is tending a fire and sees Malony. Malony fails to scare Thompson off and must confront him. In exchange for Thompson’s silence, Malony agrees to hire Thompson to work the claim if it indeed comes into possession of the Hibernian faction. Thompson agrees and disappears into the night.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Dr. Price escorts now mourning George Rebby outside of the clinic to face the small crowd that has gathered outside. Rebby’s first instinct is to lead the mob to enact justice on his brother’s murderer immediately. Dr. Price succeeds in convincing him to merely seize Malony and bring him to the town authorities rather than a full on lynching.

The crowd marches back to Tent City to find Sean Malony exiting the Rebby tent. There follows a tense stand-off with Malony threatening to take as many of the crowd with him before the weight of numbers forces the issue. Sr. Price diffuses the situation by convinced Malony to surrender himself to the doctor’s custody rather than the mob’s. The two then return to the clinic where they must spend the night with the corpse of James Rebby.

As Block works feverishly to complete the order of rifles, Huddison begins a full scale courtship of the James Griffin’s winsome daughter Sarah. He visits the house and asks for help with the tunes of the various songs found in the hymnals. In the process he manages to impress with his angelic singing voice.



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