Mancos Valley - 1868

April 24th, 1886 - Janestown

While keeping watch over the body of James Rebby at the clinic, Sean Malony offers to buy morphine from Dr. Price. The cash strapped Doctor agrees. Muloney then takes the opportunity to insert a small apothecary bottle containing the deed to Rebby mining claim inside the body of James Rebby.
That morning Sam Brazos appears to take Muloney into custody pending a hearing. Muloney attempts to convince the sheriff to release him on his own recognizance before the “trail” but Brazos will hear nothing of it and takes him to the town office and manacles Muloney to a chair. What follows is a brief interview with Clifford Ashmont.
Meanwhile, Dr. Price pays a visit to the Istanbul to sound out William Duffey on his views of the previous nights events. He then proceeds to Mankin’s Barber shop to see to his patient Reverend George Littlefield. There he finds the Reverend being looked over another doctor, [[:Evander Marihugh]]. The two doctors commence to bickering immediately but form an unlikely partnership that ends with a job offer for Marihugh.

. . .



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