Colonel Frederick Pitkin

Propriator of the The Istanbul


Colonal Pitkin

B1. This shithole will play itself out inside of two years. Stay liquid.
B2. The The Istanbul will be only source of women in this town.
B3. Clifford Ashmont must be bought and then sold.


I1. My pistol and buck knife are always on display.
I2. Don’t you ever trust a woman unless you see maggots in her eyes.*
I3. A free cigar is always available.

  • Thank you David Milch


[Dt] xxx
[C-O] xxx
[Char] xxx
[Char] xxx
[Char] xxx

Stats Rating
Will B4
Perception B4
Power B4
Forte B4
Agility B4
Speed B5
Attributes Rating
Health B5
Steel B6
Hesitation 5
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B10
Strde x
Abilities Rating
Circles B3
| Resources
|_. Physical Tolerances
Superficial B3 Light B6 Midi B7 Serious B8 Traumatic B9 Mortal Wound B10
x Fate, x Persona, 0 Deeds
Skills Rating
xxx B2
xxx B2
xxx B2
xxx B2
xxx B2
xxx B1
xxx B1
xxx B2
xxx B2
xxx B1
Affiliations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Reputations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Rep. +xD x rp
Relationships Type Resource Pts Description Notes
Person Type x rps
Person Type x rps
Gear Resource Pts Notes
xx x rp
xx x rps
xx x rps
Property Resource Pts Notes
Weapons IMS Notes
Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2, VA -, Fast, Shortest =
| xx (RotM)
I:Bx M:Bx S:Bx Add x, VA x, Slow, Long
Lifepaths Years Resource Pts Pool Skill Pts Trait Pts
LP1 x x +1M/P x 1
LP2 x x +1M/P x 1
LP3 x x +1M/P x 1
LP4 x x +1M/P x 1
Age xx
  • (future belief)
  • (future belief)
  • (instict)
  • (instict)

Colonel Frederick Pitkin

Mancos Valley - 1868 Tewhill