Kevin Daly

town butcher and leader of the local Hibernian faction


“Uncle” to a small circle of Irish newcomers to Janestown. Widower and father of two daughters, Maura Daly
and Eilish Daly and no sons.

B1. Every shitbird in this town will fucking pay me.
B2. My little girls will marry better than their mother did, God rest her soul.
B3. I will humiliate Sam Brazos and his little lap dog.

I1. I am never alone.
I2. I walk around the camp each afternoon to see what there is to see.
I3. I always hold court each night at the No 12

[Dt] Long of Limb
[Char] Paranoid
[Char] Cruel
[Char] Scared


Kevin Daly

Mancos Valley - 1868 Tewhill