A paper collared sharp from back East slumped over a faro table with a bullet wound seeping across the felt.
Pity about the table.

A local “banker” found gutted in an alley after a dispute involving a gold scale measurement.
Can’t get an honest weigh in this town.

A too young dance hall girl fails to wake up after emptying a bottle of laudanum.
Sad, she had pretty eyes.

Exhausted by a bloody stalemate,the rival powers of North America now turn their attention to the Far West. Wracked by internal conflict, Mexico holds only a nominal grip on its territories north of the Rio Grande and the Sonoran desert. Settlers and fortune seekers from the United States, a young Texas Republic and the eager spoiler Confederacy stream into a land occupied by Apache, Comanche and others. The lawless chaos makes for a rich field for the brave to pursue their fortunes or find a shallow grave in a watery ditch.

This campaign is a shotgun wedding between KenzerCo’s Shattered Frontier setting for the Aces & Eights RPG and Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel rules set. System changes have been kept to the bare minimum, limited to period specific life paths and mid-19th century firearms. Our world will be a alternate history not an alternate reality. There will be no magical or supernatural elements.

Mancos Valley - 1868

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