John Block

Blacksmith. Vocal member of the Janestown Chamber of Commerce.


Active Beliefs

  • Criminals threaten honest work. Side with the miners in any dispute where pieces of paper are brandished.
  • There’s a powerful thirst for God’s Word in Janestown. Help Rev. Littlefield organize a revival meetin’ on the hillside NW of town.
  • We need better intelligence on doings in Mancos Valley. Convince Sandson to go down to Dixon City to snoop around.
Inactive Beliefs
  • Janestown is too dependent on Dixon City.
  • Property rights in Mancos Valley are under threat from Mexico.


  • Never trust a Banker.
  • Always carry my hammer.
  • Always demand the repect I’m due.


[Dt] Broken In
[Dt] Made Man
[C-O] Back Breaking Work
[C-O] Healthy
[Char] Perfectionist


2d Affiliation with the Janestown Chamber of Commerce (25 pts)
5 pt Relationship with Tommy Watkins, orphan and apprentice. An errand boy and a scamp.


Fate 7
Persona 2
Deeds 0


John Block

Mancos Valley - 1868 henebry